September 19, 2014  
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M Glenn Pickard  
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M Glenn Pickard: Biography

M. Glenn Pickard is a multi-gifted artist. Heavily influenced by Alexander Calder's work, he first began working three dimensionally with found objects. His mobiles have been shown in several galleries across the country and he has created many consigned works of art.

As a photographer, Mr. Pickard has created a Native American series which encompasses the Native American Nations of the United States and a series called Dreamwater. He discovered this talent when he was photographing his mobiles and three dimensional art. Painting is the latest development for his portfolio. His first paintings were composed of primary colors on white canvases, as this was linked to Calder's influences. As his unique technique in modern abstract expressionism has developed, his works have become truly amazing and admired by many people. The process of creating these paintings for most people is quite shocking and the results are paying off.

For exhibitions, purchases, or questions, please feel free to contact his assistant Sarah Gregory at:

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